October Brings Significant Attention to Mental Health and Illness

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The right mental health questionnaire is good for patients and providers.

a-better-way-mental-health-screening-ebookThere’s now a better way for providers to more accurately and completely identify, diagnose and monitor patients' mental health to deliver better outcomes and improve quality measures.

nView’s evidence-based behavioral health solutions make it easier for healthcare providers to assess the complete mental health needs of their patients — not just depression — all from a single solution. The PHQ-9 can't do that.


Unlike the PHQ-9, the GAD-7, or other widely used depression and anxiety questionnaires, the nView solution screens and provides a structured interview to help providers accurately identify the 24 most common DSM-5 pediatric conditions, 17 most common adult conditions, and other related conditions.


Unlike the PHQ-9 that is owned by an anti-depression drug manufacturer, nView’s behavioral health solutions were independently developed by trained psychiatrists with no connections to manufacturers, removing potential bias from the screening and interviewing solutions.


While other solutions are simple questionnaires that identify symptoms of depression or anxiety, nView structured interviews help providers more accurately identify and treat mental health disorders.


To help monitor patient progress and support measurement-based care initiatives, nView monitoring solutions allow providers to track patient progress and outcomes over time.


nView screeners, assessments and monitors can be reimbursed by virtually all major payers.


nView solutions have been cited in more than 20,000 publications and have been used in clinical studies worldwide for the past 25+ years.

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