The Mental Health Gap in Rural America. Let’s Close It.

What Providers Should Know About Using Online Solutions to Better Meet Behavioral Health Needs in Rural Communities
A Digital Vision for Community Behavioral Health

Patients living in rural areas were already struggling with unmet behavioral health needs prior to the pandemic. COVID-19 made this serious issue even worse, magnifying the mental health shortcomings for rural America. The lack of availability, connectivity, awareness, and access to much-needed behavioral healthcare is contributing to a sharp rise in depression, substance use, suicidal ideation, and other mental health issues while increasing costs for an already strained healthcare system.

These substantial and difficult challenges require creative, innovative solutions. Enter digital solutions. Providers who effectively leverage tools and resources such as telehealth and online mental health assessments can better deliver the level of services and support needed to begin addressing the mental health crisis in rural communities and closing the health disparity gap that exists between rural and urban areas.

In this white paper, A Digital Vision for Community Behavioral Health, healthcare providers will gain a better understanding of the mental health challenges facing rural America and how the pandemic has further impacted these communities. The paper then dives into the role of digital solutions and how a care protocol that follows the patient’s continuum of care — from intake through assessment to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up — can help those living in rural areas receive access to the care and support they need.

Topics discussed include the following:

  • How the availability of behavioral health services differs between rural and urban areas
  • Most significant adverse mental health effects brought on by COVID
  • Value of telehealth for behavioral health
  • Components of a community behavioral health care continuum
  • Steps to achieve a comprehensive care protocol
  • Critical role of online assessments, including screening, interviews and monitoring tools

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